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Some of my favorite software projects and libraries.

Photo by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash

This blog is a place to showcase tiny apps - small cloud deployments & approaches to doing big things with small pieces. Some of my favorite technologies of 2021 going into 2022:

  • Envoy - the Envoy project is an example of a tiny app - a single binary that can do amazing things, from routing, shaping and integrating network traffic with a wide variety of network protocols and services.
  • Go & Rust - these programming languages and platforms are amazing, in my opinion, for outputing small (relatively), native binaries as outputs, making services written in these languages so easy to package and run, anywhere.
  • Cloud Run - An amazing service on Google Cloud to go from container to runtime in seconds, the simplest, most scalable and elegant deployment platform.
  • WASM - I’m still getting my head around WebAssembly, and how to use it for future microservices, but the good folks at Solo.io are helping me understand it with their WebAssemblyHub.
  • Solid - Very impressive how fast and efficient a reactive javascript/typescript library can be.
  • Stencil - Awesome platform for creating web components that can be used from react, angular, or any other web frontend client (even vanilla javascript). That’s tiny!

Of course there are tons of other amazing tiny & efficient platforms and frameworks out there, but these are my favorite at the moment.