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The 3E Manifesto

A tiny manifesto on creating technology for the public good.

Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

Can technology save the world? Yes and no. Technological innovation can indeed help solve the most pressing challenges of our day, as it always has played a role in doing, but technological innovation is dependent on human thought, freedom and initiative. New solutions don’t just develop themselves, they need governements, companies and individuals to collaborate on good and noble targets.

There are 3 such targets that I see as primary today for all of us to focus our attention on, in this order. I call them the 3E’s.

The 3E’s

  1. Environment: Without a healthy environment we have nothing, no clean air, water, or future for our children. This is of the utmost urgency to develop technologies to get us off carbon-producing transportation and industrial platforms. Now, today, ASAP. This is of the utmost importance, the future of humanity depends on it.
  2. Education: An educated populace is key to developing the technolgoies and solutions of tomorrow. Free and plentiful education is a great investment - it gives people the tools to lift themselves, their families and their communities up, and improve the world. Education is meant here in the widest sense - focusing both on the sciences and also on the liberal arts and humanities - helping people learn and grow to reach their full potentials.
  3. Economy: Free and open trade and commerce has proven to be a huge benefit to humanity, producing unparalleled prosperity, as long as it doesn’t impinge on the first 2 E’s (Environment and Education). That is the biggest difference to the capitalism of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. We can take the best of free trade, but admit that the environment and education have to have priority, or we will have to face major environmental and educational problems as a result (as we can see in the early 21st century, see the climate and disinformation crisies - probably the biggest problems facing us as a planet).

A definition of “good and noble” targets

What do we mean with “good and noble” targets? Quite simply actions that encourage and promote more human flourishing and happiness, for more people. And the above principles are the categories of development to help achieve more flourishing and happiness on our planet, for the most people possible.

Is it that simple?

Yes! We tend to overthink and overcomplicate things, focusing on current desires, problems and challenges over larger trends. If we orient our technological development to the 3E’s, we can utilize technology to shape a better humanity and planet for tomorrow. Next time you buy, use or develop any piece of technology, ask yourself, how well does it align with the 3E’s? Is this contributing and helping to orient ourselves to good and noble targets? And if not, why not consume or work on something that is?